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Learn More About how GTE Insights and Its Principal Consultant Collaborates with Energy Companies to Provide Solutions to Achieving Excellence By Way of Their People, Plants and Performance


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Our Consultations with Energy Companies, Including Nuclear Entities, Offers a Wide Range of Services to Assess and Improve Performance, Develop Industry Leading Practices, and Strengthen Culture


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The Gaps to Excellence We Have Helped Energy Entities Close Include Regulatory Recovery, Improved Oversight Effectiveness, and Performance Improvement Through Employee Engagement


What raises GTE Insights above the fray?

Our team has over 30 years of electric utility experience, most of it being in the commercial nuclear industry. Points of experience include the assessment and evaluation of nuclear plant performance for compliance, as well as for identifying and closing gaps to industry excellence. The evaluation of organizational effectiveness is in our tool belt, as is developing and using assessments to evaluate and address organizational health and nuclear safety culture improvement.

Mike Purcell is a management consultant to the energy industry with specific expertise in helping organizations identify and close their gaps to excellence in both people and performance. Before becoming a consultant, Mike held several senior nuclear as well as non-nuclear leadership positions at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA); leading nuclear oversight, quality assurance, licensing, performance benchmarking & improvement, training, leadership development, engineering, as well as change management functions and initiatives for an organization of 12,000 employees.

The key to improvement and sustained excellence lies in an organizations ability to clearly identify a problem, fully understand the causes, and then take appropriate corrective actions. Truly excellent organizations seek to do this at the first sign of a problem to ensure that small problems do not grow into significant conditions requiring significant resources to correct. During twenty-five years of management experience in the commercial electric utility industry, we've perfected an approach that brings results in terms of people, the plant, and their performance.

We have considerable regulatory and licensing experience, including inspection readiness activities for NRC IP95001, 95002, and 95003 inspections; baseline inspection activities; license amendments; fire protection program inspection and implementation; license renewal, and extended power uprate activities.