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The word energy has many connotations and regardless of how it is used, we all need it to survive. Not only does it keep us comfortable in our indoor environments, we need ample doses of it to move our bodies as we move through each and every day. Understanding this, we at GTE Insights bring our perceptive energy to the energy industry, collaborating with companies that are driven to excellence to help them achieve peerless results in all aspects of their people, their plants, and their performance.

Why focus on excellence?  In most industries, Compliance represents a minimum standard which is expected to be achieved and all companies seek to ensure compliance with rules and regulations.  Once compliance is assured, however, additional regulatory as well as financial margin can be achieved by focusing on closing gaps to excellence.

Consider the example of a nuclear station that is constantly holding themselves to the highest standards, finding and fixing their own problems, and pursuing excellence.  As a result of this behavior, the station is building credibility and regulatory margin as it is recognized that the station has a low threshold for identifying problems and assess their own performance to the standard of industry excellence.

GTE Insights Resolves Gaps to Excellence

Mike Purcell, Principle Founder of GTE Insights

Mike Purcell, Principal and Founder of GTE Insights

The GTE in our name refers to “Gaps to Excellence,” a phrase used frequently by our founder, Mike Purcell, to describe those cases where a company doesn’t realize its greatest potential.  His path toward this knowledge has been a comprehensive one.

As a senior consultant, Mr. Purcell has over 30 years of electric utility experience, most of it gained in the commercial nuclear industry. Before becoming a consultant, Mike held several senior nuclear and non-nuclear leadership positions at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). In these positions, he led nuclear oversight, quality assurance, licensing, performance benchmarking & improvement, training, leadership development, engineering, and change-management functions and initiatives for an organization of 12,000 employees.

Mike is skilled at the assessment and evaluation of nuclear plant performance for compliance as well as for identifying and closing gaps to industry excellence. He has served as an INPO evaluator and industry peer for the evaluation of organizational effectiveness as well as developed and used assessments to evaluate and address organizational health and nuclear safety culture improvement. He has significant corrective action program, problem development, and root cause analysis experience. He has considerable regulatory and licensing experience including inspection readiness activities for NRC IP95001, 95002, and 95003 inspections, baseline inspection activities, license amendments, fire protection program inspection and implementation, license renewal, and extended power uprate activities.

GTE Insights Offers Solutions to Compliance and Performance

Mike provides consulting services and solutions to compliance and performance issues for nuclear stations and organizations in a quest to restore regulatory margin and close their gaps to excellence. He provides assessments, evaluations, and solutions for organizational effectiveness and response strategies for nuclear safety culture. He also provides consulting in the development and implementation of programs for regulatory compliance; emergency preparedness and response; accident and incident investigations; readiness reviews; as well as corrective action program and performance improvement initiatives.

The awareness he has gained during this circuitous journey provides the professionals at GTE Insights an edge over the competition. Born of his experience, a hallmark of GTE Insights’ services is a collaborative point of view and an astute ability to articulate solutions.

GTE Insights works globally but is based in Chattanooga

Though we work globally, we are proud to be a Chattanooga-based business; we celebrate the visionaries who have made us known as Gig City.