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Assessments/Evaluations – audits, assessments, evaluations of programs and performance. Assessments are used to ensure compliance with internal or external upper tier or regulatory requirements/expectations, determine readiness for upcoming NRC inspections or major activities, or to evaluate the current performance of a process, function, or organization relative to industry peers and standards of excellence. Results of these assessments/evaluations are used to develop high quality problem statements/areas for improvement (AFIs) to support the analysis and closure of identified gaps, support strategic or business planning cycles and initiatives, and drive the organization to achieving operational excellence.

Employee Engagement for Performance Improvement – having an aligned, capable, and engaged workforce is fundamental to achievement of your organization or businesses expected outcomes. While most of management’s attention is often focused on training and telling workers what to do, leveraging the insights of your employees as well as harnessing their discretionary effort to solve your organization problems is where extraordinary organizations excel. GTE Insights provides consulting and solutions for how to use employee engagement to improve performance.

Nuclear Safety Culture Response Strategies – development and implementation of response strategies necessary to understand and address identified or perceived weaknesses in nuclear safety culture or general employee cultural health. Whether you are responding to a required third party safety culture assessment, a self-directed assessment of safety culture, or a general employee cultural health assessment, what you do with the results really matters and how you do it really matters even more.

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Organizational Effectiveness (OR) Evaluations – conduct observations and evaluations to help the organization understand how their leadership, team dynamics, and the existing management model may be contributing to or hindering organizational effectiveness. By helping the organization recognize early signs of decline, the extent of these inevitable declines as well as the length of the recovery can be minimized and supporting sustained performance improvement.

Program Development and implementation – development and implementation of industry standard programs for regulatory compliance, benchmarking and comparative analysis, corrective action, performance improvement, nuclear safety culture, employee engagement, and organizational effectiveness.

Regulatory Recovery / Response Strategies– in addition to assessing the readiness for upcoming regulatory inspections (IP95001, 95002, and 95003), GTE Insights provides licensing advisory services to assist organizations in enhancing their regulatory margin and developing a roadmap for regulatory recovery.

Strategic/Business Planning – development and implementation of systematic gap based business plans designed to clearly articulate current performance in context of industry peers and provide a structure for closing gaps to industry excellence. Consulting includes the selection, development, and use of key performance measures to understand, manage, and improve your business performance as well as benchmarking and comparative analysis.

Succession Planning – consulting on the development, implementation, and use of industry leading succession plans and workforce plans – based on best practice processes, tools, and techniques to provide a proactive and deliberate versus reactive approaches to satisfying your organizations talent management needs.