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During his 30+ years as a leader and consultant, our principle consultant Mike Purcell has delivered a number of significant successful solutions, just a few of which include:

Readiness Assessment of Column 4 Nuclear Station – lead the readiness assessment for an NRC IP95003 inspection of a column 4 nuclear station. This included the identification of inspection vulnerabilities and development and implementation of action necessary to mitigate identified inspection vulnerabilities. As a result of the rigorous and comprehensive assessment and preparation activities, the station successfully passed the NRC inspection with no significant issues and returned to column 1 of the ROP Action Matrix. Among the attributes contributing to this station’s recovery, was the breadth of expertise, the independent and critical nature of the assessment, and the collaborative way the team worked with station leaders and employees to ensure readiness for this critical inspection.

Industry leading process for assessment of Organizational Effectiveness (OR) – developed and implemented the process and training necessary to assess organizational effectiveness at both a station and fleet level. This industry leading approach allowed the nuclear oversight organization at each of the stations to better define the true causes and insights associated with identified deficiencies as well as identify areas for improvement in leadership effectiveness and team effectiveness. By self-identifying these vulnerabilities, the stations were able to understand and correct issues prior to or in lieu of identification by NRC or INPO.

GTE Insights' successes include brilliant ideas

Performance Improvement through employee engagement – implemented a 3-phased performance improvement model at two different nuclear stations. After performing an assessment of one stations current versus potential financial performance, focus groups and employee teams were used to identify potential solutions to closing the gap ($30M at one station) in O&M and increased generation. The process of involving the employee groups in the development of solutions had a dual benefit of identifying solutions that the employees supported as well as increasing employee morale and overall engagement as illustrated by improved employee survey results.